What type of inventory does Toyota Zambia have?

Since we have to accommodate the needs of Zambians, we own a collectively large inventory of brand-new single cabins, double cabins, and smart cabins. All of these cabin vehicles are available in a contrasting range of colors from which you can choose. Besides, double cabin Toyota Hilux available at our dealer are also available in different engine ranges, particularly from 2.4L engine to 2.8L engine and so on.

How can we place an order?

To place an order contact us at the given number on our website or email us at the mentioned email address. Once we receive a contact request from your end our salesperson will share further information needed for order placement.

How long will the order take to reach my destination?

Our usual displacement time of the ordered article is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. However, the destination of the location to which the order has to be delivered may intercede the mentioned time due to clearance issues at the port and so on.

Where to transfer the payment required for order confirmation?

To confirm your order, you will have to make the payment in the designated bank account against the receipt sent to you.

Are the mentioned prices inclusive of fares and Zambian taxes?

Yes, all the prices of different variants of Toyota Hilux available at Toyota Zambia are inclusive of fares and taxes as enunciated by Zambian laws and legislations.

How to file for a faulty product?

All of the Hilux available at our Toyota dealer in Zambia is in a brand new state and most of the time we haven’t received any request for claim or exchange. However, if your product is still under the prescribed warranty, you may get in touch with us at the mentioned number or email. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. By adhering to our claim policies, we will either provide a full refund amount or exchange the product as soon as possible.